Renowned Teacher, Trainer, Mum Preneur, Game Developer, Two-Book International author, and Co-Founder of Maelan Way Phonics. She is a partner too with Commonsense Education HK.

Zoie Way

Hello, I am Zoie Way …
I am an enthusiastic English teacher, lecturer, and writer. Our students come from all over the world. I firmly believe that the main role of the teacher is to be a guide for children and to cheer for them! 

The Maelan Way™ network platform and Quick Fix Phonics, Learn rapid phonics fast from within 4 to 6 hours, with or R. A. P PHONICS methodology and also with our, M. E. L techniques, our students have progressed faster and continue to evolve quickly as opposed to traditional educational solutions. With our method and devised systems, from Hong Kong & Asia, Uk cutting edge research, we have devised more effective methods, to empower students in the modern e-learning framework of education today. Our systems, incorporate blended learning and other systems within the framework, to ensure fluent speaking, without embedded accents. With over 25 years of experience, our results, testimonials, and bespoken solutions speak abundantly for themselves. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results. If you want to thrive in a modern era of learning, don’t you agree we need more effective tools to achieve these results? If so visit us at, the, and today,

 ! Our mission is to help more students and parents so that they can have a more fulfilling learning journey!

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We have developed a four to six-hour, cutting edge, and intensive phonics program to empower natural reading & spelling for our learners. Our materials and methodologies were created, to facilitate that mindset shift, and allow massive learning, more expeditiously than, by traditional means. Our mission is to help more students and parents so that they can have a more progressive and fulfilling learning journey, which will give them massive momentum, and motivation, learning for life. Wouldn’t you like to know how it works?? click here

We have accumulated more than 25 years of collective knowledge & experience in teaching. Through the implementation of our methodologies, strategies, and strategic alliances, we have devised 3 revolutionary phonic for reading, spelling & writing platforms. Our team has also developed and built from ground zero, one of Asia’s and the World’s leading educational platform at Together with our learners and their parents have been the recipients of massive transformation, and knowledge that empowers, skills and mindsets too.



You are already aware of the obstacles in your path… They exist no more.

Under traditional means of educating, students give up halfway… With us this, no longer the case.

Our Methodologies give defined goals, our techniques the skills and the drive, to achieve them faster than ever before..


You will soon be free…why? because of you… wrong!!! You will soon be free…why? because of your adaptable and changing mindset with our method
  • YOU are already aware of the obstacles in front of you, and need to create change.
  • You have started to realize that others often give up halfway, during traditional learning. You want to learn faster now.. Come and utilize our method from today.
  • You and your tribe are determined to reach your goals faster. Then join us now.


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