With our Commonsense Education Hk, Inc. MELS™ ® ©, Mikro Learning Methodology ™ through utilizing our developed Chunk Byte delivery systems and in-house Wonder How LMS system ™ ® © we can ensure more effective Phonics acquisition and word soundings, to lead to more effective reading.

Our MELS ™ methodology, Wonder How ™ LMS systems coupled with Common Sense’s in-house developed RAP ™ systemic phonic learning techniques improve the language acquisition cycle, and foundational language skills.

It doesn’t matter the age level or previous learned /learning experiences our systems empower the learner to transition to a higher learning plateau, once parents and learners have “bought into the Commonsense methodologies”. Our systems ensure learning “grit” and self-learning morale with IB equivalent 21CS learning skills for the future. Learn more about our methodologies and learning techniques at www.commonsense-edu.org, ™ www.themaelanway.org ™, and also at www.zoiewayignites.com ™ and let us empower you on your evolving learning journey from today. Thank you from Commonsense Education Hongkong ™.