Kristina Norris

Educatory, & Copywriter, Curriculum Development


Originally from Austin, Texas, and now based in San Francisco, she has been involved in education for 25 + plus years. Her educational journey has seen Kristina working on e-learning projects in India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, and throughout other parts of the World as well. An avid and passionate educator, she has worked in the corporate arena in educating and training for the likes of FedEx, USA Post, Microsoft, and various pharma companies, Qantas, Federal Express, and a variety of governmental and semi-government organizations in California.

She is passionate about young learner education and has been working diligently on her young learner curriculum from 9 months to 6 years of age. Her recent work with Sparks Education has been pivotal in the mass adoption of integrated STEM learning into 2500 + plus kindergartens, and schools in California. Working with our Common Sense team in Hong Kong to further refine our STEM curriculum development, and improving our sales/marketing copywriting, Kristina’s invaluable expertise has been remarkable.